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Read our second exclusive interview with Geoff Chan, Group General Counsel at DAKS Simpson, who talks about global ramifications, GC training and current hot topics. (Interview was conducted by Helena Hill).


Please tell us a little about yourself and your career.

After graduating from Cambridge, I was a management consultant in the City for seven years before going to law school and training at Hammonds (now Squire Sanders) in London.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Fashion is an international business and it’s incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by talented individuals from all over the world.

How does working in the fashion industry differ from private practice? How did you find the transition?

The fashion business is a small world and very relationship-driven. Intercultural and interpersonal skills are paramount.

How much do you think lawyers looking to move in-house need to appreciate just how multi-faceted the role is?

This will depend on the size of in-house team – the larger the team, the more specialised one can be, but commercial requirements always come first. As a result, new in-house lawyers often have to leave their comfort zone, remain flexible and be willing to learn quickly.

Should there be a specialised training process for aspiring in-house lawyers?

On the job training, for example, a well-rounded training contract with in-house exposure, is the best preparation for budding in-house lawyers.

About Helena Hill

Helena joined the GCRC in December 2013 as StyleCounsel Co-ordinator. Since joining the GCRC, Helena has thoroughly enjoyed interviewing designers and in-house lawyers from leading fashion and lifestyle companies.
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