GCRC Style Counsel – Sharnee Lamb, SHARNEE (Part 1)

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Read our exclusive interview with emerging Australian Fashion Designer and Business Owner, Sharnee Lamb who talks about her clothing label SHARNEE, the inspiration behind her designs, balancing creativity with commerce and Brand Protection. (Interview was conducted by Helena Hill)


Please tell us a little about your background.

I completed a short Diploma course at a Fashion school in Brisbane, and for a couple of months whilst studying, I also did some work experience.

After finishing my course I had two choices: 1. Either go out and gain more experience by working for someone or 2. Dive head first into creating and building my own label and learn as I go; and that’s what I did.

How would you define the SHARNEE style?

The concept behind S H A R N E E is to be able to create a strong simple collection every time but with each piece having a point of difference that sets it apart. The brand as a whole is very sophisticated, chic, strong, structured and unique. My garments will always be very tailored and you will always see very strong lines and silhouette.

What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer?

Creating from scratch! There are no rules, you literally can just go for it. I love seeing each piece come to life. When you first put something down on paper you have this whole idea of how it is going to look in your head, and when you achieve that in your sample it is so satisfying and exciting.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. When I first started designing I would more or less come up with a theme or a story, now I think I design more with a muse in mind.

How do you balance your creativity with commerce?

Knowing my boundaries. Doing something that supports my passion but still finding a way of making money. Everything takes time, you can’t just completely immerse yourself into the creative side – you need a plan of where it’s going to lead to.

What are the key legal issues as fashion designer in business?

Protecting my intellectual property and also, being an emerging designer a lot of buyers will only want to stock you on a consignment basis. I have contracts drawn up for lending of garments, consignments with buyers anything that covers my brand when it leaves my hand. There is also making sure copyrights are set in place on my branding and my designs.


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