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In-house salaries on the rise across the country


In-house lawyer salaries and bonuses are on the rise across the country, according to research commissioned by BCL Legal. While in-house lawyers in London have been reportedly gaining increased compensation and bonuses in the last few years, reports about the health of in-house law outside of the capital are less frequent. Yet the increasing importance of in-house lawyers is to ... Read More »

Welcome to the New GCRC Website

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Welcome to the new GC Research Club. We are delighted to announce our migration to this new website, which has been designed to be easier to use and more pleasurable to look at. GC Research Club is a community for in-house lawyers that provides news aggregation, personalised research, blogs, interviews and round-table events for members. If you have any questions ... Read More »

Data and privacy compliance in an era of transition for the internet


The general rule for in-house counsel is that as regulation becomes more complicated and pervasive, compliance too becomes more complex. It’s a relatively easy-to-understand rule of thumb of course, but it is one that is constantly bought into focus as international organizations increase anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other compliance requirements. Now, though, privacy could well become the biggest compliance issue, ... Read More »

GC School!


With the GC role becoming an increasingly common route within the legal profession, you’d think that law school would do what it can to help future lawyers be as prepared for the in-house role as for a private practice role. But time and again you hear in-house lawyers lament how they were not properly prepared for the transition of moving from private practice to in-house. Read More »

In-house driving changing legal procurement methods


As we all know legal procurement is a rapidly changing process. Of all the mooted ‘reinventions’, ‘remodellings’, ‘overhauls’, and so on, of the legal industry, it is perhaps changes in how in-house lawyers go about procurement that will have the greatest affect on the overall industry. Read More »

Top in-house lawyers gather for roundtable discussion to talk about being a top in-house lawyer

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So round-table panels are hardly infrequent when it comes to in-house lawyers, and they mostly cover the same sort of topic – billing, panel reviews, working with the board, and so on. GCRC even has its own panels talking about similar topics, though usually in reference to particular sectors, including sports and style as things stand. So you can often ... Read More »

ReInvent London 2014

Reinvent law

The latest instalment of ReInvent took place last week at University of Westminster’s buildings in central London, and while I didn’t win this year’s fortune cookie prize, it was once again an informative event, buzzing with optimism and excitement. As is the general theme of these events, most of the speakers were preaching to the converted about the need for the ... Read More »

YouTube vs Independent Record Labels, but its the upcoming artists that will lose out


YouTube’s role as the music industry’s elephant in the room has become more prominent (the elephant has grown a bit). News that YouTube will block several music videos released by independent record labels who have refused to sign up to its licensing terms for its new subscription service has trickled throughout the business and music press alike. The industry was ... Read More »

GCRC Style Counsel Launch Party


Last night GCRC held the launch party for Style Counsel, in collaboration with TLT Lawyers, at TLT’s offices near St Paul’s in central London. The event saw in-house lawyers from the luxury sector gather to discuss the role of in-house lawyers and to help GCRC plan how its Style Counsel panels will be best steered towards their interests. Read More »

Managing the World Cup Distraction


Everyone’s come into work a bit later than usual. Everyone’s left work a bit earlier than usual. Has everyone all of a sudden become a bit more efficient than usual? Nope. The opposite if anything. The World Cup has started and people’s jobs have all of a sudden taken on secondary importance. Yet, in-house lawyer are tasked with ensuring that ... Read More »

GCRC Startups and Innovation – Daniel Lewis, Ravel Law

Daniel Lewis

Ravel takes legal information, which is complex, growing and evolving, and makes it more insightful by adding new perspective with search visualizations, data-driven analytics, and competitive intelligence. We’re dealing primarily with US case law and providing new ways to interact with this information to identify things that would otherwise be lost in a wave of information overload. Read More »