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GCRC Interview: Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council – Whole Interview


Our latest interview is with Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council. He heads up one of the largest teams of local authority lawyers in the country, operating as an in-house trading practice, and serving over 300 clients nationwide from across the whole of the public sector. Geoff has led his team to several awards, including ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: James Liddiard, Head of Legal at Innovation Group – Whole Interview


Here is the entirety of our recent interview series with James Liddiard from Innovation Group. “James Liddiard joined Innovation Group as Group Head of Legal in January 2002. In addition to responsibility for the delivery of legal services across the Group, James was appointed Group Company Secretary in February 2010. Prior to joining the Group, James worked as a corporate ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Martin Langan from Road Traffic Representation – Whole Interview


Today we’re publishing the whole of our interview with Martin Langan from Road Traffic Representation. Martin Langan worked as a solicitor and equity partner for many years until 2007, when he set up a business that specialises in applying technology to improve how solicitors work and deliver the law to their customers. He believes that technology will transform and improve ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Mike Evers from Evers Legal Search

Evers logo

Our latest GCRC Interview is with Mike Evers, a legal recruitment specialist at Evers Legal Search. Mike is passionate about the in-house law department segment of the legal market. He speaks frequently on the merits of an in-house career path and writes the monthly Career Advice column for Inside Counsel. That’s why candidates listen when Mike calls to make that ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: D Casey Flaherty, KIA Motos America, Inc


The daily work of being an in-house lawyer is something that is constantly expanding and becoming increasingly multifaceted. Whether it be responsibility of your company’s legal budgeting or working with IT to counteract cyber threats, working in-house forces lawyers to broaden their wings and pick up skills they would never otherwise pick up while working in firms. We discussed over ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Richard Burcher, Managing Director of Validatum


Our latest interview is with Richard Burcher from Validatum™ Limited. Richard is a former New Zealand practicing lawyer and managing partner with over 30 years experience. Based in London as the Managing Director of Validatum™ Limited (, Richard now devotes all of his time to legal services pricing consultancy work and is widely regarded as a leading international authority on ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Kevin Carpenter from LawInSport


Here at GCRC our sports section has been designed to stimulate conversation among our community about law in sport. We are hoping to do this through panel discussions, surveys and polls and also by interviewing leading experts in the area, such as LawInSport’s Kevin Carpenter. We talked to Kevin about some of the big issues in sports law and the ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Larry Bridgesmith from ERM Legal Solutions


Our latest interview on GCRC is with Larry Bridgesmith, Chief Relationship Officer at legal project management specialist company ERM Legal Solutions and Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law. Larry has over 30 years experience in the practice of employment and labor law and he now provides counsel, education and legal services to various clients and young lawyers. Speaking ... Read More »