Addressing the gender balance. Again.

Bringing women into the square mile

Bringing more women back into the square mile seemed to be the theme of the day yesterday. Two reports published yesterday talk about bringing in incentives to bring more women into the city – one was an article published in City AM about bringing women into finance; and the other, published on The Lawyer, reports that Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP) ... Read More »

In-house salaries on the rise across the country


In-house lawyer salaries and bonuses are on the rise across the country, according to research commissioned by BCL Legal. While in-house lawyers in London have been reportedly gaining increased compensation and bonuses in the last few years, reports about the health of in-house law outside of the capital are less frequent. Yet the increasing importance of in-house lawyers is to ... Read More »

In-house driving changing legal procurement methods


As we all know legal procurement is a rapidly changing process. Of all the mooted ‘reinventions’, ‘remodellings’, ‘overhauls’, and so on, of the legal industry, it is perhaps changes in how in-house lawyers go about procurement that will have the greatest affect on the overall industry. Read More »

Being a Green Counsel as well as a General Counsel

green law

For all the talk of the challenges that the recent credit crunch and economic crises have bought to the corporate world, the greatest issue in relation to corporate responsibility has, perhaps, been, repetitively, ignored. Environmental complacency is not isolated to the corporate world, but undoubtedly the corporate world is amongst the guiltiest parties in terms of environmental irresponsibility in society ... Read More »

Should in-house lawyers be paid more?


In-house lawyers believe they should be paid more according to a recent Legal Week ‘Big Question’ survey. The greatest source of discontent appears to be disgruntlement about how bonuses paid to in-house lawyers, reflecting legal team performance rather than overall company performance. The survey has reported that in comparison to other senior executive roles, in-house lawyers are ‘slightly underpaid – ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: David Howarth, University of Cambridge

david howarth

Our latest GCRC interview is with David Howarth, a Reader in Law at the University of Cambridge. David has become a notable writer and speaker about the legal industry. His recent book, ‘Law as Engineering’, caught our attention as an enlightening new perspective about the role of lawyers today and in the future, especially in the light of the still unravelling impact of the economic crash in 2008 on the legal industry. Read More »