Being a Green Counsel as well as a General Counsel

green law

For all the talk of the challenges that the recent credit crunch and economic crises have bought to the corporate world, the greatest issue in relation to corporate responsibility has, perhaps, been, repetitively, ignored. Environmental complacency is not isolated to the corporate world, but undoubtedly the corporate world is amongst the guiltiest parties in terms of environmental irresponsibility in society ... Read More »

March 2014 Report – Ethics in Action


For this Report I am concentrating on ethics, because each business sector/organisation has its own compliance regulations and challenges so it is not possible for these to be meaningfully collated within one blog report. In fact the Legal Exchange Network found in 2013 that 60% of their survey respondents were reviewing and upgrading their compliance programmes. Further this survey established that instilling a compliance culture was recognised as the second top priority. Read More »

Should in-house lawyers be paid more?


In-house lawyers believe they should be paid more according to a recent Legal Week ‘Big Question’ survey. The greatest source of discontent appears to be disgruntlement about how bonuses paid to in-house lawyers, reflecting legal team performance rather than overall company performance. The survey has reported that in comparison to other senior executive roles, in-house lawyers are ‘slightly underpaid – ... Read More »

Guest Post: This Is What Lawyers Look Like Who Put Clients First


Last month, a seismic event occurred in South Carolina which went unnoticed by many. However, lawyers paid close attention to what may have been a harbinger of a massive shift in the monopoly lawyers have long maintained to prevent the “unauthorized practice of law”. On March 11, 2014, in the case of T. Travis Medlock v. LegalZoom, Inc. the South ... Read More »

Put Up a United Front – lessons in-house lawyers can learn from David Moyes’ sacking

David Moyes

So another week in football goes by with sackings, title swings and Champions League semi-final thrashings by the new pretenders against the former favourites. The major news story in England, despite the actual football-related dramas in the Premier League and Champions League, has, of course, been David Moyes’ sacking. With the legal related issues to do with the inevitable closure ... Read More »

Smart but Risky – Mobile Devices in the Legal Department


So everyone is doing everything on their phones these days. Shopping, planning, working, gaming and maybe even calling people with it too. Even more startling, lawyers aren’t excluded from this either. Google docs and calendar, bill tracking applications and legal knowledge apps, and all sorts of other tools on your handheld device - I haven’t even mentioned email yet. Read More »

Local Authority Legal Teams Pursue ABS Model Amid Public Sector Cuts


Another year, another budget, and another debate about class. It was ever thus. But aside from ‘them working class lot’ with their bingo and beer, it appears that local authority legal teams are becoming more and more drawn towards privatization, such are the cuts being made to the public sector. According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the country’s 363 local ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council – Whole Interview


Our latest interview is with Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council. He heads up one of the largest teams of local authority lawyers in the country, operating as an in-house trading practice, and serving over 300 clients nationwide from across the whole of the public sector. Geoff has led his team to several awards, including ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Mike Evers from Evers Legal Search

Evers logo

Our latest GCRC Interview is with Mike Evers, a legal recruitment specialist at Evers Legal Search. Mike is passionate about the in-house law department segment of the legal market. He speaks frequently on the merits of an in-house career path and writes the monthly Career Advice column for Inside Counsel. That’s why candidates listen when Mike calls to make that ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Larry Bridgesmith from ERM Legal Solutions


Our latest interview on GCRC is with Larry Bridgesmith, Chief Relationship Officer at legal project management specialist company ERM Legal Solutions and Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law. Larry has over 30 years experience in the practice of employment and labor law and he now provides counsel, education and legal services to various clients and young lawyers. Speaking ... Read More »