Data and privacy compliance in an era of transition for the internet


The general rule for in-house counsel is that as regulation becomes more complicated and pervasive, compliance too becomes more complex. It’s a relatively easy-to-understand rule of thumb of course, but it is one that is constantly bought into focus as international organizations increase anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other compliance requirements. Now, though, privacy could well become the biggest compliance issue, ... Read More »

YouTube vs Independent Record Labels, but its the upcoming artists that will lose out


YouTube’s role as the music industry’s elephant in the room has become more prominent (the elephant has grown a bit). News that YouTube will block several music videos released by independent record labels who have refused to sign up to its licensing terms for its new subscription service has trickled throughout the business and music press alike. The industry was ... Read More »

Smart but Risky – Mobile Devices in the Legal Department


So everyone is doing everything on their phones these days. Shopping, planning, working, gaming and maybe even calling people with it too. Even more startling, lawyers aren’t excluded from this either. Google docs and calendar, bill tracking applications and legal knowledge apps, and all sorts of other tools on your handheld device - I haven’t even mentioned email yet. Read More »

Feeling a little self-Indulgent?


3D printing technology company iMakr has installed a scanning booth on the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols that can scan a plastic cast of your head or body then make a chocolate mold from the figurine. For more information, visit the Harvey Nichols website. Read More »

Guest Post: Cloud Computing by Dr Asma Vranaki, Centre for Commercial Law Studies


Who can fail to notice the rapid proliferation of cloud computing services and technologies such as, Gmail, Office 365, and Amazon Web Services? As businesses and consumers take advantage of the technological innovations afforded by Rackspace, Facebook, Google App Engine, Dropbox and the likes, scholars, regulators, and technologists are becoming increasingly concerned about the data protection issues raised by cloud ... Read More »

GCRC Startups and Innovation – Colin Rule, Modria


Our latest GCRC Interview in our series about startups in the legal market. The interest in legal tech and innovation is huge at the moment as VCs look to seize the moment amid the shifting legal climate. This interview is with Colin Rule from Modria. To find out more about Modria, you can have a look at their website: ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council – Whole Interview


Our latest interview is with Geoff Wild, Director of Governance & Law at Kent County Council. He heads up one of the largest teams of local authority lawyers in the country, operating as an in-house trading practice, and serving over 300 clients nationwide from across the whole of the public sector. Geoff has led his team to several awards, including ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: James Liddiard, Head of Legal at Innovation Group – Whole Interview


Here is the entirety of our recent interview series with James Liddiard from Innovation Group. “James Liddiard joined Innovation Group as Group Head of Legal in January 2002. In addition to responsibility for the delivery of legal services across the Group, James was appointed Group Company Secretary in February 2010. Prior to joining the Group, James worked as a corporate ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Martin Langan from Road Traffic Representation – Whole Interview


Today we’re publishing the whole of our interview with Martin Langan from Road Traffic Representation. Martin Langan worked as a solicitor and equity partner for many years until 2007, when he set up a business that specialises in applying technology to improve how solicitors work and deliver the law to their customers. He believes that technology will transform and improve ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: Mike Evers from Evers Legal Search

Evers logo

Our latest GCRC Interview is with Mike Evers, a legal recruitment specialist at Evers Legal Search. Mike is passionate about the in-house law department segment of the legal market. He speaks frequently on the merits of an in-house career path and writes the monthly Career Advice column for Inside Counsel. That’s why candidates listen when Mike calls to make that ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: D Casey Flaherty, KIA Motos America, Inc


The daily work of being an in-house lawyer is something that is constantly expanding and becoming increasingly multifaceted. Whether it be responsibility of your company’s legal budgeting or working with IT to counteract cyber threats, working in-house forces lawyers to broaden their wings and pick up skills they would never otherwise pick up while working in firms. We discussed over ... Read More »