Premium Membership

Benefits of GCRC membership

GCRC will assist legal teams in providing better value to their organisation by improving how they save money, by increasing team productivity and by continuously improving the team’s all-round professional knowledge.

We will do this through our blend of best practices on procurement services, consultants’ expert views, project management tools, research papers, community events (CPD-accredited), training courses and innovative diagnostic tools.

Look at our subscription packages and some of the examples we have provided of our services for more information on how we will improve the value you provide to your organisation.

1. So let’s start with how we can help you to save money!

1.1 Do you know where to start when setting up a panel?

Our comprehensive SmartPanel toolkit includes diagnostic, procurement, consultancy services and tried and tested precedents, to help guide you through the panel process, flagging hold-ups so they can be addressed immediately.

1.2 Have you been asked to undertake a panel review and have not had time for it?

In addition to SmartPanel toolkit, GCRC’s easy-to-use apps streamline the whole process of setting up and reviewing a panel. Agilexa LPM makes it easy for the decision-makers to manage and track the selection and appointment process, reducing the time spent on panel procurement by 40%.

1.3 Do you know which external provider you want on your list?

By providing a fixed-price database of commoditized legal services, LexMarket enables you to find the best external providers quickly and easily, without endless negotiation. Our industry-specific consultants can guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best deal for your organisation.

1.4 Have you ever received a bill from your external law firm which surprised you?

With our user-friendly e-billing system, you can simplify and speed up your billing process. Once you drag and drop your invoices into the system, Agilexa Billing does the rest, allowing you to generate 1-click reports, view spend by supplier, matter and type and easily track and manage your legal spend.


2. How we can increase your team’s productivity

2.1 When your team is dealing with many different projects, do you know what they are all doing?

Our Agilexa LPM system helps you to allocate and manage the work of your team and external providers, by organising matters into tasks and tracking progress using through intuitive visualisations. Agilexa improves the visibility of work in progress, reducing the time wasted on miscommunication and waiting. Lexboard makes all this visible in one dashboard, giving you and your team quick access to progress data, relevant documents and announcements and legal services.

2.2 Are you confident your team is working “smart” and productively?

SmartPortal gives your team the tools to work at a high level of productivity. No longer will you waste time waiting for team responses and additions to documents – with SmartPortal you can access all your documents and work collaboratively in real time with your team. You can be confident you know they are being productive. Use tools such as Trademark Now to conduct full trademark searches and generate consistent, well-analysed reports to really add value to your business. You can manage and monitor your current trademarks with this easy-to-use interface, included in your membership.

2.3 Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the volume of work you and your team have to manage?

Agilexa LPM allows you to visualise and monitor the work being completed by your team and ensure that potential problems are anticipated and overcome quickly and smoothly. This system helps you to keep on top of your team’s workload. As well as our project management system, membership will also give you access to our industry-specific consultants and training services to help you improve your team’s ability to manage and complete complex projects.


3. How we can enhance your team knowledge

3.1 Do you find it frustrating to have endless team meetings?

Agilexa LPM provides a framework for team members to raise potential problems, share their knowledge and ask for help, without the need for long and unfocused team meetings. Agilexa requires your team to have frequent syncs lasting only a few minutes so everybody is kept up to date without wasting time.

3.2 Do you find it difficult to find time for training and professional development?

To help you incorporate this professional development into your busy day we also provide concise research papers and mobile learning through our E-lexa apps. We host focused industry sector events, such as our StyleCounsel and Sports Panel events, with your peer groups for before or after your working day. For those areas that require more time we host conferences and training seminars and workshops, all CPD accredited.

3.3 Do you feel overwhelmed by email overload and unable to find the documents you need?

LexClip is a tool which allows you to bookmark, annotate and share important documents, papers and webpages with just a few clicks. Using intuitive tags, you can search through the knowledge of your whole team to find what you need instantly, so you wont need to remember where you read something, just that you did. You will no longer need to search through old emails or send documents multiple times as LexClip saves everything automatically. Collaborate in real time on your most important documents using SmartPortal. You and your team can always access the latest versions of documents using this tool, so you’ll never again have to deal with multiple drafts and formats of key documents.

GCRC Premium subscription packages are coming soon.

However each of the services described above can be purchased separately. Please email to discuss your requirements.