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March 2014 Report – Ethics in Action


For this Report I am concentrating on ethics, because each business sector/organisation has its own compliance regulations and challenges so it is not possible for these to be meaningfully collated within one blog report. In fact the Legal Exchange Network found in 2013 that 60% of their survey respondents were reviewing and upgrading their compliance programmes. Further this survey established that instilling a compliance culture was recognised as the second top priority. Read More »

GCRC Interview: David Howarth, University of Cambridge

david howarth

Our latest GCRC interview is with David Howarth, a Reader in Law at the University of Cambridge. David has become a notable writer and speaker about the legal industry. His recent book, ‘Law as Engineering’, caught our attention as an enlightening new perspective about the role of lawyers today and in the future, especially in the light of the still unravelling impact of the economic crash in 2008 on the legal industry. Read More »