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YouTube vs Independent Record Labels, but its the upcoming artists that will lose out


YouTube’s role as the music industry’s elephant in the room has become more prominent (the elephant has grown a bit). News that YouTube will block several music videos released by independent record labels who have refused to sign up to its licensing terms for its new subscription service has trickled throughout the business and music press alike. The industry was ... Read More »

GCRC Startups and Innovation – Anna Ronkainen, TrademarkNow


Our latest GCRC Interview in our series about startups in the legal market. The interest in legal tech and innovation is huge at the moment as VCs look to seize the moment amid the shifting legal climate. This interview is with Anna Ronkainen from TrademarkNow. To find out more about TrademarkNow, you can have a look at their website: www.trademarknow.com ... Read More »