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ReInvent London 2014

Reinvent law

The latest instalment of ReInvent took place last week at University of Westminster’s buildings in central London, and while I didn’t win this year’s fortune cookie prize, it was once again an informative event, buzzing with optimism and excitement. As is the general theme of these events, most of the speakers were preaching to the converted about the need for the ... Read More »

GCRC Startups and Innovation – Daniel Lewis, Ravel Law

Daniel Lewis

Ravel takes legal information, which is complex, growing and evolving, and makes it more insightful by adding new perspective with search visualizations, data-driven analytics, and competitive intelligence. We’re dealing primarily with US case law and providing new ways to interact with this information to identify things that would otherwise be lost in a wave of information overload. Read More »

GCRC Interview: David Howarth, University of Cambridge

david howarth

Our latest GCRC interview is with David Howarth, a Reader in Law at the University of Cambridge. David has become a notable writer and speaker about the legal industry. His recent book, ‘Law as Engineering’, caught our attention as an enlightening new perspective about the role of lawyers today and in the future, especially in the light of the still unravelling impact of the economic crash in 2008 on the legal industry. Read More »