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Welcome to the New GCRC Website

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Welcome to the new GC Research Club. We are delighted to announce our migration to this new website, which has been designed to be easier to use and more pleasurable to look at. GC Research Club is a community for in-house lawyers that provides news aggregation, personalised research, blogs, interviews and round-table events for members. If you have any questions ... Read More »

GC School!


With the GC role becoming an increasingly common route within the legal profession, you’d think that law school would do what it can to help future lawyers be as prepared for the in-house role as for a private practice role. But time and again you hear in-house lawyers lament how they were not properly prepared for the transition of moving from private practice to in-house. Read More »

Should in-house lawyers be paid more?


In-house lawyers believe they should be paid more according to a recent Legal Week ‘Big Question’ survey. The greatest source of discontent appears to be disgruntlement about how bonuses paid to in-house lawyers, reflecting legal team performance rather than overall company performance. The survey has reported that in comparison to other senior executive roles, in-house lawyers are ‘slightly underpaid – ... Read More »

Man City and PSG found to have breached FFP rules


UEFA have made their first FFP-sized bite into financial irresponsibility in European football. Following years of sugar daddy investments and gargantuan losses among the elite (and less elite) clubs in Europe, UEFA is finally executing its first punishments relating to its Financial Fair Play rules, designed to combat against financial irresponsibility. Under 20 clubs are understood to have breached FFP ... Read More »

GCRC Interview: James Liddiard, Head of Legal at Innovation Group – Whole Interview


Here is the entirety of our recent interview series with James Liddiard from Innovation Group. “James Liddiard joined Innovation Group as Group Head of Legal in January 2002. In addition to responsibility for the delivery of legal services across the Group, James was appointed Group Company Secretary in February 2010. Prior to joining the Group, James worked as a corporate ... Read More »