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GCRC StyleCounsel Interview: John Ireland, John Ireland & Co

John Ireland

StyleCounsel is the GCRC’s latest sector that focuses on the fashion, retail and lifestyle industries.  Enter the StyleCounsel community to read the latest interviews with GCs from some of the leading companies in the world. Last month, Helena Hill caught up with John Ireland at Electric House in Notting Hill, who talked about the creative industries, working for Alan Sugar, football ... Read More »

GC School!


With the GC role becoming an increasingly common route within the legal profession, you’d think that law school would do what it can to help future lawyers be as prepared for the in-house role as for a private practice role. But time and again you hear in-house lawyers lament how they were not properly prepared for the transition of moving from private practice to in-house. Read More »

In-house driving changing legal procurement methods


As we all know legal procurement is a rapidly changing process. Of all the mooted ‘reinventions’, ‘remodellings’, ‘overhauls’, and so on, of the legal industry, it is perhaps changes in how in-house lawyers go about procurement that will have the greatest affect on the overall industry. Read More »

Top in-house lawyers gather for roundtable discussion to talk about being a top in-house lawyer

company higher consil

So round-table panels are hardly infrequent when it comes to in-house lawyers, and they mostly cover the same sort of topic – billing, panel reviews, working with the board, and so on. GCRC even has its own panels talking about similar topics, though usually in reference to particular sectors, including sports and style as things stand. So you can often ... Read More »

March 2014 Report – Ethics in Action


For this Report I am concentrating on ethics, because each business sector/organisation has its own compliance regulations and challenges so it is not possible for these to be meaningfully collated within one blog report. In fact the Legal Exchange Network found in 2013 that 60% of their survey respondents were reviewing and upgrading their compliance programmes. Further this survey established that instilling a compliance culture was recognised as the second top priority. Read More »

Should in-house lawyers be paid more?


In-house lawyers believe they should be paid more according to a recent Legal Week ‘Big Question’ survey. The greatest source of discontent appears to be disgruntlement about how bonuses paid to in-house lawyers, reflecting legal team performance rather than overall company performance. The survey has reported that in comparison to other senior executive roles, in-house lawyers are ‘slightly underpaid – ... Read More »

Put Up a United Front – lessons in-house lawyers can learn from David Moyes’ sacking

David Moyes

So another week in football goes by with sackings, title swings and Champions League semi-final thrashings by the new pretenders against the former favourites. The major news story in England, despite the actual football-related dramas in the Premier League and Champions League, has, of course, been David Moyes’ sacking. With the legal related issues to do with the inevitable closure ... Read More »

GCRC Sports Panel – Using Data as an Asset

GCRC Panel (5 of 6)

GCRC Sports is the part of the GC Research Club that allows in-house lawyers from the sports sector to meet and discuss, at our panel events or online, the things that matter to them. In the fifth of a series of articles based on the discussions held at the second GCRC Sports Panel in January, we will be looking into ... Read More »

GCRC Startups and Innovation – Matt Faustman, UpCounsel


Our latest GCRC Interview our series about startups in the legal market, The interest in legal tech and innovation is huge at the moment as VCs look to seize the moment amid the shifting legal climate. This interview is with Matt Faustman from UpCounsel. To find out more about UpCounsel, you can have a look at their website: https://www.upcounsel.com/ For ... Read More »

Local Authority Legal Teams Pursue ABS Model Amid Public Sector Cuts


Another year, another budget, and another debate about class. It was ever thus. But aside from ‘them working class lot’ with their bingo and beer, it appears that local authority legal teams are becoming more and more drawn towards privatization, such are the cuts being made to the public sector. According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the country’s 363 local ... Read More »